1.1.W.10 Waive


For the purposes of FA, the Secretary may waive the Commonwealth's right to recover the whole or part of a debt (1.1.D.60) under certain circumstances. For the purposes of this definition, waive means that the Secretary deliberately gives up the right to recover a debt. A decision to waive a debt may be subject to review.

Act reference: FA(Admin)Act section 96 Power to waive Commonwealth's right to recover debt, section 97 Waiver of debt arising from error, section 98 Waiver of debt relating to an offence, section 99 Waiver of small debt, section 100 Waiver in relation to settlements, section 101 Waiver in special circumstances, section 102 Secretary may waive debts of a particular class

Policy reference: FA Guide 7.3.2 Waiver of debts

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