10.7.100 Maltese Glossary


This section contains a list of terms used in and applicable to the Agreement with Malta.

Australian Disability Support Pension

The Agreement covers DSP for the severely disabled only. However, the former Agreement covered DSP for both the severely disabled and the non-severely disabled.

Australian Parenting Payment (Single)

Under the Agreement PPS is limited to legal (de jure) widows. Other categories of lone parents (single parents, males etc.) are not covered under this Agreement.

Australian Widow B Pension

Under the Agreement, WidB is limited to legal (de jure) widows. Other categories of widow B pensioners (divorcees, dependent females etc.) are not covered under this Agreement.

WidB ceased to be granted from 20 March 1997. A woman on an autonomous WidB is still able to transfer to an agreement WidB overseas (when an agreement covers this payment). In the latter situation, the transfer does not involve a new grant of WidB.

Australian Wife Pension

After 30 June 1995, WP cannot be granted, even under an agreement. An autonomous wife pensioner can transfer to an agreement WP (when an agreement covers this concurrent entitlement) as this is not classified as a 'new grant' of WP. WPs granted under the Agreement before 1 July 1995 continue to be paid outside Australia. WP can only be paid under the Agreement to a woman who has been an Australian resident at some time.


Benefit, for Australia, means a pension, benefit or allowance payable under Australian social security legislation as specified in Article 2 of the Agreement. It also includes any additional amount or increase that is payable to a person who qualifies for that increase. This includes pension supplement and RA for people in Australia but any additional amounts are subject to the portability restrictions under the SSAct.


Legislation means, for Australia, the social security law applying to Age, DSP, WP, PPS, BVA and additional child amounts.


'Malta' is the Republic of Malta, comprising the islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino.

Maltese Contributory Benefits/Contributory

All contributory benefits are subject to some form of contribution test, that is, a minimum number of contributions, depending on the type of benefit claimed. More information on Maltese contributory benefits is available from the Ministry for Family and Social Solidarity.

Period as an Australian Resident/Periods as an Australian Resident/Period of Australian Working Life Residence/Australian Working Life Residence

Means a period of Australian working life residence as defined in the SS(IntAgree)Act, but excludes a period deemed to be a period of Australian residence in Article 7 of the Agreement.

Period of Insurance in Malta/Periods of Insurance in Malta/Period of Insurance

This is a period when contributions were paid or credited under Maltese law. When a person is granted a Maltese contributory pension, Maltese insurance is no longer paid. Maltese retirement pensions are granted earlier than Australian Age so the Agreement recognises periods of receipt of Maltese retirement pensions up to the age of 65 as Maltese periods of insurance when totalising for Australian benefits.


The term is restricted to legally married women whose husbands have died. It does not include a widow who has since formed a de facto relationship and continues to live in that relationship but includes de facto widows who lived in a marriage-like relationship with a man for at least 3 years immediately before his death. The term does not include divorced women whose ex-husbands have died or widowers. The term 'widow' does not include men.

Last reviewed: 20 September 2017