3.11.1 Looking for & accepting suitable work


As a condition of payment, job seekers generally must be actively seeking and willing to undertake any suitable work ( A job search is an instance where a job seeker actively contacts a potential employer to apply for a paid job. A job search may include contact by phone, in writing, in person, by submitting a written or online, application, acting on a referral to a job, or by attending a job interview.

In assessing whether a person has undertaken adequate job search, the delegate (usually an employment service provider) must consider the quantity of job search undertaken by the job seeker and, if they have undertaken adequate quantity, the delegate may also consider the quality of the job search. This is intended to ensure that job seekers' applications are genuine attempts to find work, and that job seekers are not unreasonably restricting their search efforts when other work is available.

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Last reviewed: 20 March 2020