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3.11.4 Points requirement


Job seekers with mutual obligations who are participating in Workforce Australia are required to meet a specified points target each month. Job seekers may do this by undertaking tasks and activities that are worth a number of points, including:

  • submitting quality job search efforts
  • participating in activities
  • attending job interviews
  • commencing a job
  • undertaking paid or voluntary work.

As part of meeting their points target, job seekers will generally need to meet a minimum job search requirement. Job search requirements are outlined in 3.11.1.

For the purposes of social security law, the requirement to meet a points target each month will be included in a Job Plan. Failure to meet the points target is a mutual obligation failure to meet 'any other requirement' that is in the Job Plan.

Tailoring the points target

The number of points a job seeker must meet each month is not specified in a job seeker's Job Plan but is notified to them on their homepage, which can be accessed via either the Workforce Australia Online website or app. Job seekers who cannot regularly access their homepage will be notified of their points target by their provider. Generally, job seekers will have a points target of 100 points each month, but each job seeker's points target must be achievable and appropriate for their individual circumstances. The points target should be tailored to account for these individual circumstances, taking into consideration factors that may impact the job seeker's ability to look for work or the availability of suitable job opportunities.

The digital services contact centre and employment services providers can reduce the points target for a job seeker when it is appropriate for the job seeker's individual circumstances.

Act reference: SS(Admin)Act section 40F Employment pathway plan matters, section 42AC(1)(f) A person commits a mutual obligation failure if ā€¦

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