Essential Medical Equipment (EMEP)


Use of the following equipment attracts an EMEP:

  • home dialysis machine,
  • home ventilator,
  • home respirator,
  • home parenteral or enteral feeding device,
  • oxygen concentrator,
  • heart pump,
  • suction pump,
  • infant apnoea monitor - prescribed by a medical practitioner following apnoeic events,
  • nebuliser - used daily,
  • positive airways pressure device,
  • phototherapy equipment,
  • airbed vibrator,
  • electric wheelchair,
  • insulin pump.

Equipment items not listed do not attract an EMEP.

Act reference: SSAct section 917B(1)(a)(i) Qualification for the essential medical equipment payment, section 917C(1)(a) Person who has medical needs, section 917C(2)(a) Caring for a person who has medical needs, section 917C(3)(a) Legislative instrument

Social Security (Essential Medical Equipment Payment - Essential Medical Equipment) Specification 2012

Last reviewed: 1 July 2015