Residences (EMEP)


A valid residence for the purpose of the EMEP must be located in Australia and may be any dwelling other than:

  • a residence in which the person is in residential care for the purposes of the SSAct, OR
  • hospital or other medical facility, OR
  • residential rehabilitation centre, OR
  • gaol, or any place in which a person may be lawfully detained while under sentence for conviction of an offence and not on release on parole or licence, OR
  • detention centre.

Where a person has 2 residences (such as dependent children in shared care living alternately with both parents), both residences are recognised for the purposes of qualifying for an EMEP.

An EMEP can be paid for a maximum of 2 residences.

Act reference: SSAct section 917C The medical needs requirement

Social Security (Essential Medical Equipment Payment - Residences) Specification 2012

Last reviewed: 1 July 2015