Pre & post-natal activity test exemption for under 18s

Circumstances of exemption

These exemptions are given to female recipients around the time of their child's expected birth, when it would be unreasonable to expect them to participate in full-time education or training.

Duration of exemption

The pre-natal exemption commences 6 weeks before the expected date of confinement, and ends on the day on which the woman gives birth to the child.

The post-natal exemption starts on the day of the child's birth and ends 6 weeks after that day.

The exemption period would therefore be 12 weeks, but could be less if the birth occurs before the expected date of confinement, or more if the birth is later.

It may be appropriate to consider a further exemption under the category of 'Other Special Circumstance'.

Act reference: SSAct section 542D Pre-natal and post-natal exemptions, section 542H Special circumstances exemption

Policy reference: SS Guide Other special circumstance exemption for under 18s, 3.5.1 PP - qualification & payability

Activity test (1.1.M.160) requirements

The young person is NOT required to satisfy the activity test for the duration of the exemption.

Last reviewed: 15 August 2016