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1.1.L.10 Listed institution


For the purposes of the National Redress Scheme, a non-government institution is 'listed' for a participating jurisdiction under funder of last resort arrangements, where the institution either no longer exists or is unable to fully participate in the Scheme. The institution is listed for a jurisdiction when the Minister has made a declaration in Parliament.

To make this declaration, the Minister must be satisfied that the jurisdiction (i.e. Commonwealth, participating Territory, or participating State) has agreed in writing to list the institution under funder of last resort arrangements. If the jurisdiction is a State, the agreement must also be allowed under that State's referral or adoption Act.

The Minister may revoke a listed institution, where the jurisdiction withdraws its agreement. Institutions may be listed for multiple participating jurisdictions.

Act reference: NRSAct Part 6.2 Division 2 Funders of last resort

Policy reference: Redress Guide 8.2 Funders of last resort, 1.1.D.20 Defunct institution, 1.1.P.35 Partly-participating institution

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