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3.2 When is a person eligible for redress?


For an application for redress to be approved, the Operator must consider there is a reasonable likelihood a person is eligible. A person will meet the Scheme's eligibility requirements where there is a reasonable likelihood that:

  • the person was sexually abused
  • the sexual abuse is within the scope of the Scheme
  • the sexual abuse is of a kind for which the maximum amount of redress payment that could be payable to the person would be more than nil (i.e. that was within a type of abuse under the Assessment Framework)
  • one or more participating institutions are responsible for the abuse, and
  • the person is an Australian citizen or a permanent resident, or a certain child migrant under section 4B of the NRS Rules.

Abuse is within scope of the Scheme if it occurred:

  • when the person was a child
  • inside a participating State, inside a Territory, or outside of Australia, and
  • it occurred before the Scheme start day (1 July 2018).

Despite what is described above, sexual abuse of a person by another child is not within the scope of the Scheme if the abuse did not involve physical contact with or penetration of the person.

Act reference: NRSAct Part 2-2 Division 2 Entitlement to redress under the scheme

NRS Rules section 4B Eligibility of certain child migrants from the United Kingdom and Malta

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