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1.1.A.110 Australian residency test


To be eligible for PLP a claimant must meet the 'Australian residency test'.

A person satisfies the Australian residency test on a day if on that day they are:

  • an Australian resident (1.1.A.120)
  • an SCV holder residing in Australia, or
  • the holder of a visa determined by the Minister for the purposes of SSAct subparagraph 729(2)(f)(v), and either
    • the person is in Australia, or
    • the person is temporarily absent (1.1.A.10) from Australia for not more than 6 weeks and the absence is an allowable absence in relation to special benefit within the meaning of Part 4.2 of that Act.

Note: From 1 January 2019, a NARWP applies to PLP. There are a number of exemptions from the NARWP for PLP, and situations where a NARWP does not apply (2.4.3).

Act reference: PPLAct section 31A Newly arrived resident's waiting period, section 45 When a person satisfies the Australian residency test, section 46 Effect of absence from Australia on Australian residency test

Policy reference: PPL Guide 1.1.A.10 Absence from Australia, 2.4 PPL scheme Australian residency test & absences from Australia for PLP, 2.4.3 NARWP for PLP

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