1.1.F.20 Family tax benefit (FTB)


FTB is a family assistance payment that consists of 2 parts: FTB Part A and FTB Part B.

FTB Part A is designed to help families with the cost of raising children. Payment of FTB Part A is based on the combined income of a family, and generally is paid in respect of each eligible dependent child.

FTB Part B provides extra help for single parent families as well as couple families with one main income earner. The payment has a primary earner income test for both couple and single parent families. For single income couple families and single parent families, the standard rate of payment is paid based on the age of the youngest child. For couple families with 2 incomes, the rate of payment is assessed on the income of a family's secondary income earner and the age of the youngest child.

Act reference: FAAct Schedule 1 FTB rate calculator

Policy reference: FA Guide 2.1 General provisions, 2.2 FTB eligibility for individuals

Last reviewed: 4 January 2021