1.1.T.50 Temporary inability to care


A person who will be, or previously was, the primary carer of a child in respect of whom the person is claiming PLP is considered to continue to be the primary carer of the child where:

  • the person is temporarily unable to be the primary carer of the child due to circumstances beyond their control, and
  • the period of temporary inability is less than 26 weeks, and
  • there is no payability determination in force that PLP is payable for the child to another person for the same day, and
  • Centrelink is satisfied that the person would have been the child's primary carer except for the person's temporary inability to be the child's primary carer.

Note: The temporary inability to care provisions do not cover loss of care for the child (1.1.L.30).

Act reference: PPL Rules Part 2-3 Eligibility for PLP, rule 2.13 Care requirements for all claimants-temporary inability to care

Last reviewed: 21 September 2020