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4.1.4 Nominated start date for PPL period


A primary claim (1.1.P.240) for PLP must state a specified date (the nominated start date (1.1.N.20)) as the date from which the primary claimant wants their PPL period to start.

While the DOB of the child is a specified date for this purpose, '6 months after the birth of the child' is not a specific date.

Even though a primary claimant nominates a specific date, PLP may not be payable from that date because, for example, the primary claimant has not verified the child's birth in time to have the PPL period start on the date nominated.

An individual must lodge a claim and provide birth verification within 28 days of the child's actual DOB, to have the start date backdated to the child's DOB (unless they are a COVID-19 affected claimant (1.1.C.165) or a person who has counted the COVID-19 disaster payment as qualifying work for the purposes of the work test).

Before a payability determination is made on the primary claim, the person may change her (or his) nominated start date by notifying Centrelink of a new nominated start date.

After a payability determination is made on the primary claim, the primary claimant may only change his or her nominated start date by notifying Centrelink, before the old date, of the new nominated start date. The new nominated start date must be a date that is on or after the day the person notifies the Secretary of the change.

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Policy reference: PPL Guide Work test for PLP, 4.1.1 Effective claims for PLP (PPL period), Primary claimant's PPL period

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