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Centrelink required to provide PLP

Centrelink will provide PLP directly to claimants if the conditions for an employer providing PLP are not met, for example, if the claimant is self-employed, or if it is expected that the claimant will receive less than 40 week days' worth of PLP from their employer, or where PLP is payable in relation to a special PPL claim.

Where an employer is providing some of a person's PLP, Centrelink will provide PLP for any payable flexible PPL days that are not part of the person's continuous flexible period (if any).

Change of circumstances

There are other situations where Centrelink eventually provides PLP, even though originally an employer determination was made for a person and their employer. This can occur, for example, as a result of the person's change of circumstances, such as resigning from employment, or where the person revokes or becomes ineligible for a flexible PPL day during their continuous flexible period.

Example: Janeen claims PLP and chooses to take 14 weeks of PLP as a continuous flexible period. Janeen and her employer meet the conditions for Janeen's employer to provide her PLP to her. Twelve weeks into her continuous flexible period Janeen works for 5 days, then resumes her leave. Janeen will be ineligible for flexible PPL on the days she was working, breaking her continuous flexible period. Janeen's employer will not have to provide PLP to her for her remaining flexible PPL days. Janeen can claim these days later for days she is not performing more than one hour of paid work and they will be provided to Janeen directly by Centrelink.

This may also occur if the employer experiences a change of circumstances such as ceasing to trade, or where the employer fails to comply with their obligation to accept an employer determination or to provide PLP to their employee. In these situations, Centrelink must revoke the employer determination.

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Policy reference: PPL Guide 4.3.3 Payment of instalments of PLP by employer, 4.3.6 Payment of instalments of PLP by Centrelink, 5.1.8 Revocation of an employer determination for PLP

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