4.3.6 Payment of instalments of PLP by Centrelink


There are several circumstances in which Centrelink is required to pay an instalment (1.1.I.80) of PLP to a person.

Centrelink is required to pay instalments if:

  • an employer determination is never made, or
  • an instalment includes one or more flexible PPL days for the person that do not fall within the continuous flexible period for the person (if any), or
  • an employer determination is being reviewed and has not yet come into force, or
  • an employer determination has been revoked, or
  • where a matter has been referred to the FWO.

Centrelink may also be required to pay arrears for instalments not previously paid.

Act reference: PPLAct section 84 When the Secretary pays instalments

Policy reference: PPL Guide 4.3.1 Instalments of PLP, 6.1 Employer determinations for PLP

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