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4.3.5 Obligations of employers relating to paying instalments of PLP


In addition to being required to provide PLP for the PPL instalment period (, when they are funded to do it (, in an approved manner ( and without unauthorised deductions (, employers (1.1.E.50) have certain obligations in relation to paying instalments (1.1.I.80) of PLP as set out below.

An obligation an employer has to provide PLP to their employee, is in addition to any other obligation the employer may have to the employee under an industrial instrument or law, such as paid leave.

Act reference: PPLAct section 64 A person's instalment period and the payday for an instalment, section 70 No other deductions, section 72 When an employer pays instalments, section 74 Method of payment of instalment payable by employer, section 80 Giving person record of payment, section 81 Keeping records, section 82 Notifying Secretary if certain events happen, section 99A Payment of paid parental leave does not affect other employer obligations

Policy reference: PPL Guide 4.3.1 Instalments of PLP, 4.3.3 Payment of instalments of PLP by employer, 4.3.8 Rules for paying instalments of PLP, 5.1 Employer determinations for PLP, 6.2 Compliance

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