4.3.1 Instalments of PLP


PLP must be paid to a person in instalments (1.1.I.80).

Who can pay an instalment?

An instalment of PLP can be payable to the person either by their employer or by Centrelink.

If PLP is paid by an employer, the instalment period is the person's regular pay period.

If PLP is paid by Centrelink, the instalment period is 14 calendar days.

An instalment of PLP is payable to a person if:

  • there are one or more days (PPL days (1.1.P.170)) in the instalment period for a person that fall within the person's PPL period (1.1.P.200), and/or
  • one or more payable flexible PPL days (1.1.F.70) for the person fall within an instalment period for the person.

An instalment is payable on the payday for the instalment. More than one instalment can be paid on a particular day, for example, if arrears are owed to the person.

Act reference: PPLAct section 63 Instalments of PLP

Policy reference: PPL Guide 4.3.3 Payment of instalments of PLP by employer, 4.3.6 Payment of instalments of PLP by Centrelink

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