6.2 Initial eligibility & payability determinations for PLP


In addition to employer determinations (6.1), claims for PLP are subject to payability determinations and eligibility determinations.

These determinations can be made by Centrelink if a payability determination that PLP is payable cannot yet be made on the claim, e.g. because the claim has been lodged prior to the birth of the child. Centrelink can make an initial eligibility determination if satisfied that the person satisfies, or will satisfy, particular eligibility criteria.

Centrelink must make a payability determination about whether PLP is payable to a person if the person has made an effective claim for a PPL period and/or flexible PPL days.

Different rules apply depending on the type of claim, claimant and whether the claim was made alone or with another claim.

There are restrictions that apply to prevent Centrelink from making a payability determination that PLP is payable in some circumstances. There are also general provisions that apply to payability determinations.

Act reference: PPLAct Part 2-2 Determinations about whether PLP is payable to a person, Part 2-3 Eligibility for PLP

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