6.2.3 Payability determinations for flexible PPL


For PLP to be payable to a person on a flexible PPL day, the following conditions must be met:

  • Centrelink must make a determination that PLP is payable to the person for the day, and
  • the person must be eligible on that day, and
  • the person must make an effective claim for that flexible PPL day.

A day is a flexible PPL day for a child if it occurs in the flexible PPL period for the child.

Different rules apply to the making of a payability determination for a flexible PPL day depending on the type of claim.

There are restrictions that apply to prevent Centrelink from making a payability determination that PLP is payable in some circumstances. There are also general provisions that apply to payability determinations.

Act reference: PPLAct Part 2-1 Key provisions, Part 2-2 Determinations about whether PLP is payable to a person, Part 2-3 Eligibility for PLP

Policy reference: PPL Guide 4.1.11 Effective PLP claims for PLP (flexible PPL)

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