Record of payment of PLP


Where Centrelink pays an instalment (1.1.I.80) or part of an instalment, or instalments in arrears, Centrelink is required to give the person information prescribed by the PPL Rules relating to that payment.

The PPL Rules prescribe that Centrelink is to give a person the following information at the time of making the first PPL payment:

  • a statement to the effect that the payment is made by Centrelink and is a PPL payment,
  • the name of the person (claimant) to whom the PPL payment is made,
  • the period to which the PPL payment applies,
  • the period for which a final PPL payment is expected to be paid,
  • the frequency with which further PPL payments will be paid,
  • the date on which the PPL payment is paid,
  • the gross amount of the PPL payment,
  • the net amount of the PPL payment,
  • the total amount of income tax withheld from the gross PPL payment amount, and
  • if a deduction is made (for deductions authorised by the person or deductions relating to child support) from the payment: the amount of each deduction, the name of the entity to whom the amount deducted is paid, and the bank account details into which the amount deducted is paid.

Act reference: PPLAct section 89 Giving person record of payment

PPL Rules Part 3-3 Payment of instalments by Secretary

Last reviewed: 3 July 2017