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11.7.1 VIM measure - overview


SS(Admin)Act Part 3B sets up the framework for the VIM measure. Despite being located in this particular Act, these provisions also concern payments that may be received under the family assistance law, VEA, student assistance legislation, and administrative schemes such as ABSTUDY.

Act reference: SS(Admin)Act Part 3B Income management regime


This measure allows people in receipt of Centrelink and DVA payments to enter into a voluntary agreement with the delegate under which their income support and family payments will be income managed. Income management ensures that people receive assistance to meet their priority needs, manage their finances, and learn skills to help them manage their finances for themselves and/or their family in the long term.

A person who has a VIM agreement may ask the delegate to terminate the agreement at any time after an initial 13 weeks. The delegate must also terminate a VIM agreement if certain events occur, including if the person ceases to be an eligible recipient of a relevant welfare payment. Please refer to 11.7.8.

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