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This is the period over which a recipient's entitlement will accrue. It is usually 14 days. For most recipients, their entitlement period (1.1.E.125) will end 2 working days before their delivery day (1.1.D.55). For recipients receiving a benefit other than benefit PPP their entitlement period will end one working day before their payment delivery day. This different treatment is necessary for current payment processing reasons.

Act reference: SSAct section 23(1)-'social security benefit'

When can entitlement periods be for periods of less than 14 days?

An entitlement period can be for less than 14 days where the recipient:

  • has just started on payment
  • has lost entitlement to payment, or
  • changed their payment delivery day.

Policy reference: SS Guide Entitlement period - general rules, Recipient loses entitlement, Changing a payment delivery day

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