YA study-load - full-time students in more than one course or institution

Additional subjects

Subjects additional to the minimum requirements of the course or award are included as study-load if the subject is included in the student's enrolment record against the approved course (1.1.A.210) they are undertaking.

Non-award enrolments

Some higher education providers allow full-time enrolments on a non-award basis in subjects that are otherwise part of an award course of study. This may occur when, for example:

  • due to a technicality the student's formal enrolment is deferred until the following year
  • subject to the student successfully completing the first year/semester they are guaranteed later course enrolment, with the completed study credited to their degree, OR
  • the person is undertaking a bridging course for overseas trained professionals.

These studies may be counted as YA study-load. If a student meets the full-time study requirements, they will be considered full-time for YA purposes.

Prior credits

Subjects, units or points credited for work done previously do not count as YA study-load for the purposes of determining whether a student is undertaking full-time study.

Combined courses

If a student is undertaking a course that is a double degree course or combined course, the study-load is measured against the normal full-time study-load for the course.

Example: An approved BA/Bachelor of Law degree course.

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