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This topic contains information on the concept and assessment of a person's reportable superannuation contributions.

Act reference: SSAct section 1071 Seniors Health Card Income Test Calculator

Policy reference: SS Guide Assessment of income for CSHC, Treatment of income components for CSHC

Assessing reportable superannuation contributions

A person's reportable superannuation contribution is the sum of the following:

  • any reportable employer superannuation contributions (certain salary sacrificed employer contributions to superannuation) for the income year that are to be reported to individuals on their payment summary from 1 July 2009, and
  • the total amount of deductible personal superannuation contributions made by a self-employed person for the income year.

Employer contributions refer to the total amount of contributions made to a superannuation fund or Retirement Savings Account by an employer or their associate, including contributions to a foreign superannuation fund.

Personal superannuation contributions made by a self-employed person are fully deductible provided the self-employed person meets particular requirements.

Reportable employer superannuation contributions DO NOT include contributions over which an employee has no capacity to influence or which they could not reasonably be expected to have, or have had, capacity to influence.

Examples include:

  • post-tax contributions to superannuation, or
  • contributions that satisfy the employer's legal obligation to pay the superannuation guarantee charge, or
  • employer contributions that are less than or equal to an amount the employer must contribute in relation to a defined benefit interest of a person or pursuant to an industrial agreement, trust deed or law.

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