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This topic provides information about the following:

  • adequate means of support pension (AMS)
  • AMS - invalid child of a disability compensation payment recipient, and
  • orphan's pension.

Adequate means of support pension

Adequate means of support pension was granted prior to 6 June 1985. From 6 June 1985, there have been no new grants of AMS pensions, however, a small number of AMS pensions are still in payment.

DVA pays an AMS IF:

  • the death of an ex-service man or woman is accepted as due to war service, AND
  • that person's death has left a dependent wife, husband, widow/er, child, parent or other near relative without adequate means of support.

An additional AMS payment, subject to an income test, can be paid up to an amount equivalent to the age pension, provided that the claimant is not in receipt of, or eligible to receive:

  • a social security pension or benefit, or
  • service pension.

Act reference: SSAct section 23(1)-'social security pension', section 23(1)-'social security benefit'

AMS - invalid child of a disability compensation payment recipient

Payment of an AMS pension can also be made, in a limited form, to the invalid child of a disability compensation payment recipient:

  • who has turned 16 years, AND
  • no longer goes to school.

Orphan's pension

DVA pays a:

  • single orphan's pension when one parent's death was due to war service, or
  • double orphan pension when both parents have died due to war service.

Children receiving the following payments are precluded from receiving orphan's pension:

  • YA or other education assistance from the Australian Government, or
  • a DSP or another Australian Government pension or allowance.

Policy reference: SS Guide How income from DVA is assessed

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