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Seniors supplement accrued daily from 20 September 2009. (See for previous SCA rates.) Initially seniors supplement was paid at a rate equal to the pension supplement minimum amount but on and after 20 March 2013 it was increased by the amount of the clean energy supplement (CES) (later called ES). Both components of seniors supplement were initially indexed twice yearly by the CPI on 20 March and 20 September. However, after 20 September 2014, the ES component of seniors supplement ceased to be indexed. Furthermore, on and from 20 June 2015 seniors supplement ceased to exist as such and, for people qualified for a CSHC, the ES component of the former seniors supplement was retained and linked directly to that card from that date.

Note: The final payment of seniors supplement was made in June 2015.


The following table shows the total maximum annual rates of seniors supplement in dollars.

Date Single and other specific couple situations
(see Note A below) ($ p.a.)
Eligible couple (combined)
($ p.a.)
Each eligible member of a couple
($ p.a.)
20/09/2009 785.20 1,185.60 592.80
20/03/2010 795.60 1,201.20 600.60
20/09/2010 806.00 1,216.80 608.40
20/03/2011 816.40 1,232.40 616.20
20/09/2011 837.20 1,263.60 631.80
20/03/2012 842.40 1,268.80 634.40
20/09/2012 845.00 (Note B) 1,274.00 (Note B) 637.00 (Note B)
20/03/2013 1,203.80 1,814.80 907.40
20/09/2013 1,214.20 1,830.40 915.20
20/03/2014 1,237.60 1,866.80 933.40
20/09/2014 1,253.20 1,887.60 943.80
20/03/2015 1,261.00 1,898.00 949.00
Note Explanation
A Other specific couple situations include member of an illness separated couple, member of a respite care couple and partnered (partner in gaol).
B Recipients of seniors supplement were paid the clean energy advance (CEA) for the period from 1 July 2012 to 19 March 2013. From 20 March 2013 ES, formerly known as CES, was included in the seniors supplement.

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