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1.1.I.85 Indexed income - actual or estimate (FTB)


The income on which an individual's FTB is assessed will be either:

  • an estimate provided by the individual that is assessed as being reasonable by Centrelink
  • the indexed estimate
  • the indexed actual income.

Indexed estimates and indexed actual incomes only apply where an instalment determination is in force.

Estimates provided by individuals

Individuals claiming FTB may be assessed on their own ATI estimate if it is considered 'reasonable' by Centrelink. Individuals receiving payment on the basis of an indexed estimate or indexed actual income may choose to provide their own estimate in place of the indexed amount at any time, if it is considered to be reasonable by Centrelink.

Indexed estimate

Where the actual income amount is not known, the estimate held by Centrelink will be indexed by the indexation factor and used as a basis for payment. To calculate the new indexed estimate:

  • multiply the individual's current estimated ATI by the indexation factor (1.1.I.82)
  • round the result to the nearest dollar, and
  • round 50c upwards.

Note: A notice under FA(Admin)Act subsection 20A(2) or subsection 20B(2) advising recipients of the income amount that will be used to assess their current or next financial year's payment may be issued to recipients:

  • when granted payment
  • when their circumstances change
  • when their or their partner's ATI is known, or
  • as part of the new financial year assessment (NFYA) process.

The income amount specified in the notice will be applied to a recipient's rate at least 14 days after the day on which the notice is given.

Indexed actual income

The indexed actual income is calculated by:

  • multiplying the individual's last known actual income by the indexation factor
  • rounding the result to the nearest dollar, and
  • rounding 50c upwards.

This is only applicable to recipients whose payments are based on an indexed estimate or an indexed actual income and should only be used where the new indexed actual income (based on ATI for the most recent income year) is higher than the indexed estimate or indexed actual income currently being used to determine their FTB rate.

Act reference: FA(Admin)Act section 20A Indexed estimates, section 20B Indexed actual incomes

Policy reference: FA Guide 4.9.1 Overview of new financial year assessments, 4.9.3 Outcomes of new financial year assessments, 1.1.I.82 Indexation factor

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