1.1.V.13 Voluntary child support


Voluntary child support is child support (1.1.C.20) that is paid by a person who does not have a child support liability (1.1.C.21). Any child support paid during the 13 week period of grace to take maintenance action is counted as maintenance income as part of the maintenance income test.

Example: Craig and Fiona have separated. Fiona has care of their 2 children. Craig agrees to pay Fiona $200 per fortnight as voluntary child support until his liability is assessed by Child Support. The full amount paid by Craig is assessed under the maintenance income test. Once his liability has been assessed by Child Support, he will pay the amount determined by Child Support.

Policy reference: FA Guide 3.1.5 Maintenance action test for FTB Part A, Taking reasonable maintenance action, 3.1.6 Child support assessments & agreements, 3.1.7 Maintenance income test

Last reviewed: 12 August 2019