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Generally, only one member of a couple is eligible to receive FTB. Where both members of a couple would otherwise be eligible for FTB for one or more children at the same time, only one member would be eligible for payment. The Secretary may determine which member of the couple is eligible for the payment if there is no agreement between the couple on who should receive the payment.

FTB may however be shared between members of a couple in a blended family situation where they have care of at least 2 FTB children and:

  • one child is from a previous relationship of one member of the couple, and
  • the other is a child either from the other partner's previous relationship, or
  • the child is a child of the couple's current relationship.

Example: Mary and Fred have 2 FTB children, John and Sarah. John is from Mary's previous relationship and Sarah is a child of Mary and Fred's current relationship. Both Mary and Fred may be eligible to receive payment for the child for whom they are responsible.

Note: The Secretary cannot make a determination for a past period if one or both members of the couple have already been paid FTB for the period.

Act reference: FAAct section 26 Only 1 member of a couple eligible for FTB, section 27 Extension of meaning of FTB or regular care child in a blended family case, section 28 Eligibility for FTB of members of a couple in a blended family, section 60 Sharing FTB between members of a couple in a blended family

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