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To make an effective claim for FTB by instalment, the individual must provide proof of birth documents. These can be provided electronically or in person to Centrelink.

DOB of a newborn child

A claim for a newborn child must be accompanied by proof of the child's DOB.

Verification may be obtained from the child's birth certificate, a claim form signed by a doctor or midwife and sealed with the hospital seal, passport or other suitable documentation that verifies the child's DOB.

Example: A letter from the doctor or midwife who attended the birth, including home births, confirming their details and qualifications, the details of the parent and child and the DOB and place of birth.

Name & DOB of an older child

Verification of an older child's name and DOB is required. The following records are considered acceptable for this purpose:

  • a birth certificate or certified extract
  • a passport or naturalisation certificate
  • a document of identity issued by the Department of Home Affairs, or
  • any other suitable documentation that verifies the child's name and DOB.

Example: A statement from a MSO.

If FTB has been paid previously for a child, the previous guardian's record is sufficient proof of name and birth, as the previous guardian would already have proven these personal details. Where an individual later advises of a change to the child's name, accompanying proof may be required, as outlined in SS Guide 2.2.2.

DOB of unaccompanied humanitarian minors (UHMs) & other children born overseas where DOB is unknown

In some situations refugees and other children born overseas cannot verify their DOB.

For FTB purposes, with effect from 5 April 2004, the unaccompanied humanitarian minors' DOB is the date detailed on documents issued by the Department of Home Affairs. The Department of Home Affairs uses an assumed DOB of 31/12/yyyy handwritten on the Department of Home Affairs document. The same DOB must also be recorded for FTB purposes.

The DOB of unaccompanied humanitarian minors who have previously had their DOB recorded as 01/01/yyyy should retain this birth date.

DOB of children (other than unaccompanied humanitarian minors) where DOB is unknown

For FTB purposes, the assumed DOB of these children (other than unaccompanied humanitarian minors) whether born in Australia or overseas whose DOB is unknown, should continue to be recorded as 01/01/yyyy.

Policy reference: FA Guide 1.1.E.10 Effective claim (FTB), 4.2.1 Summary of the FTB claim process

SS Guide Persons experiencing difficulty with identity confirmation & verification, Verification for PP, Verification for DOP

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