1.1.E.10 Effective claim (FTB)


For the purposes of FTB, a claim for FTB must be effective before it can be determined. A claim is only effective if:

  • it is made in a manner and form approved by the Secretary, and
  • all relevant documents and information have been provided by the applicant (1.1.A.72), and
  • if the claim is an instalment claim (1.1.I.100) by either an individual (1.1.I.90) or an ACO (1.1.A.80), bank details for direct credit have been provided (unless an exemption has been granted), and
  • if the applicant is an individual, a TFN statement for themselves and their partner (if any) have been provided.

If the claim is not effective, it is taken not to have been made. This means that the claim cannot be determined, and therefore there is no determination decision to review. However, the decision that the claim is not effective can be reviewed. If the applicant still wants to test their eligibility, a new claim must be lodged.

Act reference: FA(Admin)Act section 7(2) Form etc. of claim, section 13(1) Secretary must determine claim

Policy reference: FA Guide TFN requirements for FTB, 4.2.1 Summary of the FTB claim process, 4.3.3 Instalments paid by direct credit, Verification of child's name & date of birth, Verifying residence/citizenship, Verification of shared care arrangements

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