1.1.E.40 Entitlement period end day code (EPEDC)


For the purposes of FTB, the term 'entitlement period end day code' is used to refer to the particular entitlement period in a fortnight that has been assigned to an FTB instalment claim (1.1.I.100).

Entitlement period end day codes

The FTB delivery day (1.1.P.73) is normally 14 days from the date of claim. If the claim is determined before the system strips payment information for the first delivery day, the first instalment period will be either 11 or 13 days to allow for the 2 days needed to issue the payment. It is more likely that the claim will be determined after the end of the first entitlement period. If this is the case, the arrears will include payment for the full 14-day period.

The following table shows the relationship between entitlement period end day codes and payment delivery day codes, and the number of days in the first period if the claim is determined before the end of the first period.

Claim day Payment delivery day Entitlement period end day code No. of days in first FTB instalment period
A Mon (A) 5 11
B Tue (B) 6 11
C Wed (C) A 13
D Thu (D) B 13
E Fri (E) C 13
2 Mon (2) D 11
3 Tue (3) E 11
4 Wed (4) 2 13
5 Thu (5) 3 13
6 Fri (6) 4 13

The codes are printed on the calendar issued by Centrelink.

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