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1.1.A.80 Approved care organisation (ACO)


An ACO is an organisation that:

  • co-ordinates or provides residential care services to young people in Australia (1.1.A.120), and
  • is approved as an ACO by the Secretary.


  • Agencies which:

    • assist homeless youth
    • care for children with intellectual or physical disabilities
    • accommodate young refugees in order to help them adjust to Australian society.
  • Adoption and foster care agencies that arrange pre-adoptive foster care.
  • Public hospitals providing long term or permanent care for young people with a disability.

The Secretary may revoke an approval previously given to an organisation.

Act reference: FAAct section 20 Approval of organisations providing residential care services to young people

Policy reference: FA Guide 2.3 FTB eligibility for approved care organisations (ACOs)

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