1.1.A.130 Australian resident


The term 'Australian resident' has the same meaning as in SSAct section 7.

An Australian resident is a person who:

  • resides in Australia (1.1.A.120), and
  • is one of the following
    • an Australian citizen, or
    • the holder of a permanent visa (1.1.V.10), or
    • an SCV holder who is a protected SCV holder (SS Guide 9.1.3).

Note: SCV holders can fulfil the residence requirements for FTB, SIFS and CCS if they are regarded as residing in Australia. For further information refer to

Act reference: FAAct section 3(1)-'Australian resident', section 85BB Residency requirements

SSAct section 7(2) An Australian resident …, section 7(3) In deciding for the purposes of this Act whether or not a person is residing in Australia …

Policy reference: FA Guide Residence requirements, Verifying residence/citizenship

SS Guide 9.1.3 New Zealand citizens

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