ACCS (temporary financial hardship) - evidence


This section sets out the evidentiary requirements for ACCS (temporary financial hardship) and covers:

  • evidentiary requirements overview,
  • types of evidence required.

Evidentiary requirements overview

Individuals (1.1.I.90) will need to provide evidence that shows:

  • they have experienced a temporary financial hardship circumstance,
  • the circumstance/s occurred no more than 6 months before the application is made, and
  • they have experienced a substantial reduction in their ability to pay child care fees, as a result of the temporary financial hardship circumstance.

Types of evidence required

Individuals are required to upload appropriate forms of evidence of their temporary financial hardship circumstance.

Examples of evidence for each type of circumstance include:

Type of circumstance Examples of evidence
The unexpected death of a partner or child
  • death certificate (which may already be available to Centrelink)
  • court documentation
  • signed statement from social worker, counsellor, doctor or other party
  • letter from a hospital or general practitioner or a funeral notice
  • receipts relating to medical or funeral expense
  • statutory declaration
Loss of employment
  • Employment Separation Certificate
  • letter from employer
  • letter from accountant
  • statutory declaration
Loss of income or failure of a business
  • legal documents indicating business failure
  • bank statements
  • reports from accountants and financial advisers (where there has been an existing relationship) or similar evidence of loss of income
Adversely effected by a major disaster
  • fire brigade report
  • police report
  • insurance report
  • statutory declaration
Destruction or severe damage to your home, necessitating relocation of the family
  • fire report
  • police report
  • insurance report
  • statutory declaration
Victim of domestic violence
  • police/incident report
  • medical certificate
  • court documentation
  • signed statement from social worker, counsellor, doctor or other party
  • statutory declaration
Other evidence to support the link between the above circumstance and financial hardship
  • statutory declaration
  • any other evidence the individual has to explain their circumstances
  • information that links the circumstance to the financial hardship (payment of rental bond, bank statements reflecting reduction of income, essential expenditure and reduction in savings, report from financial counselling service, or debt repayment agreements)
Last reviewed: 2 July 2018