3.1 FTB rate calculation


This chapter sets out how FTB rates are calculated.

Current rates & income test amounts

The following table shows where you will find the current rates and income test amounts for FTB and its components.

Item Topic
  • Standard rates (1.1.S.103) for FTB Part A and FTB Part B
  • Income free area (1.1.I.40) for FTB
  • Higher income free area (1.1.H.10) for FTB Part A
  • MBA rate
  • FTB Part A supplement rate
  • FTB Part B supplement rate Current FTB rates & income test amounts
3.11 NBS rate
  • ES Part A rate
  • ES Part B rate Current ES rates
RA rates and thresholds Rent assistance
Maintenance income free area Maintenance income test - general provisions

Note: The ES ceased on 20 March 2017 for new FTB recipients. For individuals who became new recipients of FTB after 20 September 2016, they will no longer be paid ES after 19 March 2017. However, eligible individuals and ACOs may continue to be paid ES as part of their FTB rate under grandfathering rules. See 8.2.

Rates used in examples

There are many examples of rate calculations throughout this chapter. The examples are primarily indicative of the methods used to calculate the rate, the rates quoted may however be historical. For historical rates of payment, refer to 3.6.

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