1.1.S.103 Standard rate (FTB)


For the purposes of FTB, the standard rate of FTB for an individual (1.1.I.90) is the sum of the maximum FTB rates payable for all their FTB children based on their age before:

  • other rate components are added
  • the income test is applied, and
  • the maintenance income test is applied.

The standard rates are different for:

  • FTB Part A worked out under Method 1
  • FTB Part A worked out under Method 2, and
  • FTB Part B.

Act reference: FAAct Schedule 1 clause 7 Standard rate (Method 1), Schedule 1 clause 26 Standard rate (Method 2)

Policy reference: FA Guide Current FTB rates & income test amounts, 3.1.4 FTB Part A Rate Calculation - Method 1, 3.1.8 FTB Part A rate calculation - Method 2, 3.1.9 FTB Part B rate calculation

Last reviewed: 1 July 2020