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7.1.3 FA debts - CCS approved providers


This section covers information on overpayments of CCS and ACCS to approved providers (1.1.A.90).

CCS & ACCS debts recoverable even if approved provider no longer operates

A debt (1.1.D.60) is still recoverable if:

  • an approved provider has been overpaid, but
  • the provider
    • is no longer approved, or
    • no longer operates the service concerned.

Act reference: FA(Admin)Act section 69 Special provisions relating to approved providers

Recoverable CCS/ACCS debts

The following table shows how overpayments to approved providers may occur.

If the provider …

then the amount of the recoverable debt is …

FA(Admin)Act reference
is paid an amount of ACCS (child wellbeing) for a session of care (1.1.S.40) provided to a child, but is not entitled (1.1.E.30) to be paid ACCS (child wellbeing) for the session of care the whole amount paid for the session of care. section 71B Debts in respect of CCS or ACCS—no entitlement
is paid an amount where the payment is made to an incorrect account, and the payment was intended to be paid to the account of another provider
is paid an amount (the received amount) of ACCS (child wellbeing) for one or more sessions of care, and the amount received is greater than the amount (the correct amount) of ACCS (child wellbeing) the provider was entitled to be paid for the sessions of care the difference between the received amount and the correct amount. section 71C Debts in respect of CCS or ACCS—overpayment
does not pass on the fee reduction amount to the individual (1.1.I.90) within 14 days after fee reduction decision or fails to remit the fee reduction amount within 14 days to the Secretary in an approved manner the amount equal to the fee reduction. section 71D Debts in respect of fee reduction amounts provider fails to pass on or remit
is paid an amount for sessions of care that relate to absences before a child has commenced care or after a child has physically ceased care the amount equal to the fee reduction section 71DA Debts in respect of CCS or ACCS—before first attendance or after last attendance
makes a false or misleading statement or failed to comply with FA law, and as a result CCS or ACCS is paid to the individual all or part of the amount paid to the individual. section 71F Debt in respect of CCS or ACCS for individual—provider at fault
is paid an amount for a session of care, and the provider's approval is cancelled or suspended or varied before the day payment was made the amount of fee reduction paid for that session of care provided. section 71G Debts where provider approval is suspended cancelled or varied

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