The Guides to Social Policy Law is a collection of publications designed to assist decision makers administering social policy law. The information contained in this publication is intended only as a guide to relevant legislation/policy. The information is accurate as at the date listed at the bottom of the page, but may be subject to change. To discuss individual circumstances please contact Services Australia.

Family Assistance Guide updates - 2024

6 May 2024 (v1.255)

Page Title Details
1.1.A.75 Appropriate state or territory body (ACCS (child wellbeing)) Clarified definition.
1.1.A.90 Approved provider, approved child care service, approved child care (CCS) Updated Act reference.
1.1.A.110 At risk, at risk day (ACCS (child wellbeing)) Clarified definition.
1.1.C.15 Certificate (ACCS (child wellbeing)) Clarified definition.
1.1.C.18 Child attends school (CCS, ACCS) Clarified definition.
1.1.C.52 Complying written arrangement (CCS) Clarified definition.
1.1.D.78 Determination (ACCS (child wellbeing)) Clarified definition.
1.1.D.80 Disabled person (CCS) Clarified definition.
1.1.E.25 Enrolment (CCS) Clarified definition.
1.1.G.13 Giving notice (ACCS (child wellbeing)) Clarified definition.
1.1.R.10 Reconciliation (CCS) Clarified definition.
1.1.T.51 The 12 month rule (ACCS (child wellbeing)) Clarified definition.
1.2.7 Additional child care subsidy (ACCS) - description Clarified policy.
2.6.5 CCS - requirements relating to CWA Clarified policy. CCS - individual confirmation of enrolment Clarified policy.
2.8.1 ACCS (child wellbeing) Clarified policy. ACCS (child wellbeing) - eligibility Clarified policy. ACCS (child wellbeing) - where a child is at risk of serious abuse or neglect Clarified policy. ACCS (child wellbeing) - certificates Clarified policy. ACCS (child wellbeing) - giving notice Clarified policy. ACCS (child wellbeing) - backdating in exceptional circumstances New page. ACCS (grandparent) - annual reminder to review circumstances (deleted) Removed information. ACCS (transition to work) - activity test Clarified policy.
3.5.4 Calculating CCS entitlement Clarified policy.
4.13.1 CCS enrolment notices Clarified policy. CCS - CWA enrolment Clarified policy. CCS - relevant arrangement enrolment Clarified policy. CCS - arrangement with an organisation enrolment Clarified policy. ACCS (child wellbeing) - provider eligible enrolment Clarified policy.
6.4.1 Overview of reconciliation Clarified policy. Reconciliation - current partners Clarified policy.
7.1.3 FA debts - CCS approved providers Clarified policy.

2 April 2024 (v1.254)

Page Title Details
1.1.I.105 Interim period (FTB) Updated to reflect Social Services Legislation Amendment (Child Support and Family Assistance Technical Amendments) Act 2024. Disputed care arrangements Updated to reflect Social Services Legislation Amendment (Child Support and Family Assistance Technical Amendments) Act 2024..

20 March 2024 (v1.253)

Page Title Details
1.1.G.12 General practitioner Clarified definition.
1.1.J.20 Job Plans (ACCS (transition to work)) Clarified definition.
1.1.L.28 Listed medical practitioner New page.
1.1.M.40 Medical practitioner (FTB, CCS) Updated Act reference. Shared care of an FTB child Updated Act reference. CCS immunisation requirements Clarified policy. Immunisation - approved exemptions (FTB) Clarified policy. Recognised health checks Clarified policy. ACCS (transition to work) - eligibility Clarified policy. ACCS (transition to work) - income support payments & income requirements Clarified policy. ACCS (transition to work) - Job Plan requirements Clarified policy. ACCS (transition to work) - activity requirements Clarified policy. ACCS (transition to work) - applications Clarified policy. ACCS (transition to work) - evidentiary requirements Clarified policy. ACCS (transition to work) - time limits Clarified policy. Rent assistance Updated rates and thresholds.
3.6.2 FTB rent assistance - historical rates & thresholds Updated to reflect indexation.
3.6.3 FTB Part B - historical rates Clarified policy. Change in non-income related circumstances Clarified policy.
4.4.4 Reassessment of FTB - income support cancelled or employment income nil rate period Clarified policy. CCS - making an effective claim Updated Act references and policy.
7.2.3 Debt recovery from FA entitlement Clarified policy.

5 February 2024 (v1.252)

Page Title Details
1.1.I.10 Immunisation requirements (FTB, CCS) Clarified policy. Shared care of an FTB child Clarified policy. Waiving a small debt Clarified policy.

2 January 2024 (v1.251)

Page Title Details
1.1.M.10 Maintenance (FTB) Clarified policy. Death of an FTB or regular care child Clarified policy. Calculating FTB bereavement payment Clarified policy.
3.2.1 Adjusted taxable income - general provisions Clarified policy. Payments affected by reconciliation Clarified policy. Outcomes of reconciliation Clarified policy.
7.4 Child support debts Updated Act references.