Where People can Lodge Claims under the Agreement with Korea

Where claims can be lodged

Claims for Australian benefits covered by the Agreement can be lodged:

  • in Australia, at any Centrelink office, or
  • in Korea, with the National Pension Service, and
  • for certificate of coverage matters, the ATO or the National Pension Service in Korea.

Under Article 23, paragraph 2 of the Agreement, the date on which a claim is lodged with either of the above-mentioned authorities is the official date of lodgement for all purposes. This ensures that people not living in the country they are claiming from are not disadvantaged as a result of mailing delays.

Article 23, paragraph 3 allows a claim for benefit under the legislation of a party to also be considered as a claim for the 'corresponding' benefit from the other party provided that the person:

  • is entitled on age grounds to lodge a valid claim for a benefit of the other contracting party, and
  • requests that it be considered as an application under the legislation of the other contracting party, or
  • provides information indicating that periods of coverage have been completed under the legislation of the other contracting party.

Act reference: SS(IntAgree)Act Schedule 21 Republic of Korea

Last reviewed: 20 March 2015