2.6 Withdrawing an application


A person is able to withdraw an application for redress at any time before the Operator makes a decision on their application. Where a person withdraws an application for redress before a decision is made on the person's eligibility, the person can apply again to the Scheme.

If the Operator has requested information from a participating institution/s, the Operator will advise the participating institution/s that the application for redress has been withdrawn. In these circumstances, the participating institution/s is not required to provide information to the Operator.

A person cannot withdraw an application after the Operator has made a decision on the person's application.

Where a person has received an advance payment and chooses to withdraw their application, the advance payment will need to be paid back to the Commonwealth Government.

Act reference: NRSAct section 22 Withdrawal of an application, Part 2-6 Advance payments

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