2.3.3 PPL scheme income test for DAPP


A person satisfies the income test for DAPP if the person's individual ATI for the reference income year (1.1.R.10) is not more than the relevant PPL income limit (1.1.R.30).

A father or partner who has been found eligible for PLP for a child, does not have to meet the income test again for a subsequent claim for DAPP for the child.

The PPL income limit is $151,350. Claimants whose individual ATI exceeds this income limit are not eligible for DAPP.

Note: The PPL income limit is subject to indexation on 1 July each year.

Act reference: PPLAct Part 3A-3 Division 4 Applying the income test to claimants for DAPP

Policy reference: PPL Guide 1.1.I.50 Indexation of PPL income limit, 2.1.1 Eligibility differences between PLP & DAPP, 2.3.1 DAPP eligibility overview

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