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Moving between Australia & Austria

Generally, benefits paid under the Agreement are portable indefinitely when the person travels between Australia and Austria. This means people being paid benefits under the Agreement can travel between Australia and Austria without the time restrictions that may apply to autonomous pensioners.

Note: From 1 March 2017, the Agreement changes the portability period for people who are in receipt of DSP under the Agreement who are not severely disabled. Previously they could travel to Austria or third countries and be paid for periods of up to 13 weeks. For absences commencing from 1 March 2017, payability is limited to 4 weeks in a 12 month period.

Policy reference: SS Guide Application of portability rules (portability table)

Australia to Austria

People paid under the Agreement who reside in Australia and travel to Austria temporarily will continue to have their rate calculated using the comparison rate in for the first 26 weeks. If they are still temporarily absent after 26 weeks they will be paid the proportional rate.

People paid under the Agreement who leave Australia permanently for Austria will have their rate calculated using the outside Australia rate in immediately they leave Australia.

Austria to Australia

Temporary or permanent arrivals to Australia who rely on the Agreement are paid under the comparison provision of paragraph 5 of Article 12, which allows them to receive the higher of the inside Australia or outside Australia (proportional) rates (

Act reference: SS(IntAgree)Act Schedule 10 Austria

Policy reference: SS Guide Outside Australia Rate - Agreement with Austria, Inside Australia Rate - Agreement with Austria

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