Benefits payable under the Agreement with the USA

Benefits payable

Article 2 of the Agreement with the USA lists the Australian and US benefits covered by the Agreement.

Australian benefits covered

The Australian benefits covered are:

  • age pension
  • DSP for the severely disabled
  • pensions payable to widowed persons (PPS), and
  • CP (to people who are caring for a partner who is in receipt of Australian Age or DSP who is severely disabled).

Note: Although listed as Australian benefits covered in Article 2 of the Agreement, from 20 March 2020, WP, WidB and BVA ceased. Recipients of these payments were transferred to another payment, such as Age, where eligible.

USA benefits covered

The USA benefits covered are:

  • US retirement benefits
  • US disability benefits, and
  • US survivor benefits.

Note: Under the Agreement a person must have a minimum of 6 quarters of coverage before they can use the Agreement to qualify for US benefits.

More information on US benefits is available on the US Social Security Administration website.

Act reference: SS(IntAgree)Act Schedule 13 United States of America

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