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11.1.13 Reviews & appeals under income management

Reviews & appeals

A person who does not agree with a decision made under the SS(Admin)Act about their income management arrangements, under any income management measure, can generally seek a review of that decision. The person will have access to the full range of review and appeal rights, including review by AROs and the AAT.

Note: This applies to decisions made under the Commonwealth social security law. Certain decisions made in relation to income management under state law cannot be reviewed in this manner.

For the specific avenues of review and/or appeal under each measure, see the following SS Guide sections:

Measure Section
Cape York 11.2.9
Child Protection 11.3.7
Vulnerable Welfare Payment Recipient 11.4.4
Disengaged Youth 11.5.3
Long-term Welfare Payment Recipient 11.6.3
Voluntary Income Management 11.7.7

For information on review of exemptions see

Act reference: SS(Admin)Act Part 3B Income management regime, Part 4 Internal review of decisions, Part 4A Review by the AAT

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