11.1.6 Criteria that must be satisfied before funds can be paid from a person's income management account


The delegate must be satisfied that certain specified conditions are met before making a payment from a person's income management account under the SS(Admin)Act Part 3B Division 6.

Income managed funds can only be debited from a person's income management account when the amount to be debited does not exceed the credit balance of the person's income management account, and:

  • the action taken is directed towards meeting the priority needs of the person, the person's partner or the person's dependants, or
  • the action taken is for a purpose other than meeting priority needs and the delegate is satisfied that all relevant current and reasonably foreseeable priority needs can still be met if the funds are debited, or
  • the person ceases to be subject to income management.

Act reference: SS(Admin)Act Part 3B Division 6 Debits from income management accounts

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