11.3.6 Interaction between delegate & relevant child protection authority for purposes of the Child Protection Measure


The relevant child protection authority and the delegate interact throughout the period of income management to ensure a joint service delivery approach and to assist with the performance of the duties, or the exercise of the powers, of the child protection worker in relation to the care, protection or welfare of children.

Interaction between delegate & child protection authority

The exchange of information between the relevant child protection authority and the delegate is supported by SS(Admin)Act section 123ZE:

  • the delegate will initiate a final review with the child protection worker to ensure the ongoing appropriateness of income management and/or a smooth transition for the person from the Child Protection Measure to another income management measure, and
  • both agencies will provide ongoing information in relation to any change of circumstances that may affect the ongoing management of the person.

Act reference: SS(Admin)Act section 123ZE Disclosure of information to the Secretary-child protection

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