Waiting, preclusion & exclusion periods for YA

Which periods apply to YA?

The following waiting periods may apply to YA:

  • liquid assets (1.1.L.50) test waiting period, known as the LAWP, AND
  • compensation lump sum preclusion period (1.1.C.260), AND
  • newly arrived resident's waiting period (1.1.N.70), known as the NARWP, AND
  • income maintenance period (1.1.I.60), known as the IMP, AND
  • seasonal work preclusion period (3.1.7) known as the SWPP, AND
  • ordinary waiting period (, known as the OWP (applies to YA jobseekers only).

Act reference: SSAct section 23(1)-'waiting period'

Employment related exclusion periods

In addition, the following employment related exclusion periods MAY apply to unemployed recipients ONLY; they do NOT apply to full-time students or Australian Apprentices:

  • RapidConnect non-payment period, AND
  • move to area of lower employment exclusion period, known as the MALEP, AND
  • unemployment due to industrial action exclusion period.

Act reference: SSAct section 16A Seasonal work definitions, section 544A(1) If a YA Employment Pathway Plan is not …, section 553 Employment-related exclusions, section 553B Move to area of lower employment prospects

Policy reference: SS Guide 1.1.E.164 Exclusion period, 3.1.2 Waiting & preclusion periods, 3.1.7 Seasonal work preclusion period, Move to area of lower employment prospects for JSP, YA & SpB recipients, 3.11.12 Initial connection to employment services (RapidConnect)

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