Supplementary assistance for Age recipients


Age recipients MAY also qualify for the following assistance, if they meet the relevant qualification criteria:

  • pension supplement
  • energy supplement
  • rent assistance
  • crisis payment
  • remote area allowance, and
  • pensioner concession card.

Various forms of proof may be required.

Policy reference: SS Guide 3.12.1 Pension supplement - qualification & payability, 3.15.2 ES - qualification & payability, 3.8.1 RA - qualification & payability, 3.7.4 CrP - qualification & payability, 3.8.8 RAA - qualification & payability, 3.9.2 PCC - Qualification Provisions

DVA disability or service pension

If a recipient appears to be eligible for a disability or service pension from DVA, they should be advised that they may be financially better off applying to DVA.

Explanation: They MAY be entitled to more benefits from DVA.

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