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3.8.1 RA - qualification & payability


This section details qualification (1.1.Q.10) and payability issues for RA.

RA is a supplementary payment to help meet the costs of renting in the private rental market or community housing.

To begin receiving RA, a person needs to pay a minimum amount of rent, called the rent threshold. RA is then paid at the rate of 75c for each dollar above the rent threshold up to a maximum rate. Rent thresholds and maximum rates vary according to the family circumstances of recipients, but are uniform across all states and territories. RA rent thresholds and maximum rates are indexed every March and September.

Information relating to current and historical rates of RA may be found at RA - current rates and RA rates - June 1990 to present date.

Policy reference: SS Guide Rent assistance (RA) - description, RA rates - June 1990 to present date

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